Resist Shock Potion

Effect Gives 75% Shock damage resistance
Type Potion
Crafting Requirements x3 Shock Wax Root

Resist Shock Potion is a Potion in Horizon Zero Dawn. Resist Shock Potion can be consumed and provides the following effect: "75% Shock damage resistance". Potions can be crafted, purchased from Merchants or be dropped by Enemies.


 Resist Shock Potion Effect

  • This Potion gives 75% Shock damage resistance.
  • Resist Shock Potion effect lasts for 90 seconds.


How to acquire Resist Shock Potion


Resist Shock Potion Notes & Tips

  • Resist Shock Potion is made from the extract of the Shock Wax Root
  • Resist Shock Potion is not additive to the protective value of the Outfit. It stops 75% of damage not stopped by the Outfit. The remaining 25% of the damage not stopped by the Outfit is going to get through.
  • Other notes...




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