Blast Wire

Effect Explosive Damage
Weapons Carja Tripcaster Shadow Tripcaster
Type Wire
Crafting Requirements x8 Metal Shards
x4 Wire
x5 Blaze

Blast Wire is a Wire in Horizon Zero Dawn. Blast Wire can be used with the "Carja Tripcaster" or with the "Shadow Tripcaster".  Wires can be crafted or purchased from Merchants.


 Blast Wire Effect

  • Deals very high explosive damage.
  • Detonates on proximity.
  • Can be stacked.
  • Frozen enemies take an additional 25% damage from Blast Wires.


Weapons that can use Blast Wire


How to acquire Blast Wire



Blast Wire Notes & Tips

  • Useful for planning traps and ambushes, so place these wires before engaging in combat.
  • The most efficient way to use Blast Wires is to freeze a single opponent first so that the wires deal 25% more damage
  • Other notes...






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