Rabbit is an Animal in Horizon Zero Dawn. Rabbits are fast and elusive and will run away from Aloy as soon as she is spotted. Rabbits can be hunted for loot used in crafting recipes.


Rabbit Description

  • In the Old World, there were over a dozen recognized species of wild rabbits throughout the globe. This particular breed was known as the Desert Cottontail, Sylvilagus audubonii, distinguished by its long, thin limbs, lanky frame, and large ears -- even for a rabbit. Native to the Northwestern hemisphere, it differs from its Eastern counterparts in that it does not live in social burrows.
  • Apparently, another species lives in Ban-Ur, and has a heavier white coat for the snowy environment.
  • Rabbits are relatively common, but can be hard to spot without the use of Aloy's Focus.
  • Although fast and nimble, one well placed arrow shot will easily kill a Rabbit.

Rabbit Loot

Once killer, Rabbits can drop a few of the following items:


Rabbit Notes & Tips



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