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Underequipped is a Quest in Horizon: Zero Dawn


"A caravan departed on a dangerous route without any decent ammunition. Without help, the expedition is doomed."


Underequipped Objective Log

  1. Return to Marzavid
  2. Recover the Songcores
  3. Talk yo Dirid
  4. Kill the Stalker
  5. Find Dirid
  6. Talk to Marzavid
  7. Kill the Machines
  8. Talk to Marzavid
  9. Deliver the Ammunition to the Caravan



Underequipped Rewards

  • +2500 XP
  • +1 Remarkable Reward Box



Underequipped Walkthrough

  • ??




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      01 Mar 2017 06:43  

      Got to the point where you need to find Dirid, not sure if the quest is bugged but there's no marker at this point. Well there is a quest marker but it's only marking the same area where the attack occurred and the quest NPC said he ran off but I have no idea which direction or anything so not sure how I'm supposed to find him with no quest marker or hints of any kind.

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