The Womb of the Mountain


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The Womb of the Mountain is a Quest in Horizon: Zero Dawn


"Aloy seeks to understand why the killers at the Proving targeted her - and discovers that her origins are more mysterious than she ever imagined."


The Womb of the Mountain Objective Log

  1. Examine the "Demon" carcess
  2. Kill the "Demon" and Corrupted Machines
  3. Talk to Resh, the new War Chief
  4. Follow Teersa out of the Mountain
  5. Follow Teersa
  6. Search for your Equipment



The Womb of the Mountain Rewards

  • +3500 XP
  • +1 Skill points
  • +1 PSI Overrides



The Womb of the Mountain Walkthrough

  • ??




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

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