The Forgotten


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The Forgotten is a Quest in Horizon: Zero Dawn


"Olara's brother Brom was supposed to come home after ten years of exile, but he has vanished, leaving behind a blood-soaked camp."


The Forgotten Objective Log

  1. Talk to Brom
  2. Follow the Tracks
  3. Examine the Supply Cache
  4. Follow the Tracks
  5. Examine the Destroyed Watchers
  6. Kill the Scrappers
  7. Follow the Tracks
  8. Examine the Bucket
  9. Follow the Blood Trail
  10. Examine the Knife
  11. Follow the Blood Trail
  12. Search the Camp for the Blood Trail
  13. Investigate Brom's Camp
  14. Kill the Watchers
  15. Go to Brom's Camp



The Forgotten Rewards

  • +1000 XP
  • +1 Remarkable Reward Box



The Forgotten Walkthrough

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    • Anonymous

      02 Mar 2017 21:23  

      You can use your focus to track the clues and Brom's steps. You'll run into a lot of watchers and a few other mechanical animals along the way. The dialogue gives you a choice (upon knowing something is very wrong with Brom) to show which emotion you choose and help Olara decide what to do from there.

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