Sona is an NPC in Horizon Zero Dawn. Sona is a member of the Nora Tribe. Sona is the War-chief of the Nora Tribe and she commands the entire force of Nora Braves, leads them in battle, and formulates their military strategy


Sona Information:

  • Sona is extremely serious and driven. She takes her responsibilities as War-Chief with the utmost seriousness. She is a highly experienced and capable warrior and leader, and has the full respect of the Braves and the tribe in general.
  • Sona is deeply religious and strongly adheres to the tribe's religion.
  • Sona had two children with an unnamed mate. Varl and Vala. Varl became a brave under her command and Vala was killed by the Eclipse during their attack the day of The Proving.


Where to find Sona

  • Can be found at:
    • __location__


Sona related Quests


Sona Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips



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      The Sona's face is digital copy real face of Lura Criola, popular portuguese singer. She is caboverdian's criol ethno group of Portugal.

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