Ravager Cannon

Dropped By Ravager

Ravager Cannon is a Heavy Weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. Ravager Cannons are rapid-fire heavy weaponsRavager Cannon can be dropped by a Ravager after dealing enough damage to this component.


 Ravager Cannon Description

  • Fires blue energy bolts, that deal high damage.
  • Large magazine.
  • Removes armor or components with ease.
  • Great for close to medium combat.
  • Ammunition can be exhausted quickly.
  • Requires a brief charge-up period before firing.
  • Picking up a Ravager Cannon slows Aloy movement speed considerably.


 Ravager Cannon Ammo

  • As is the case with all Heavy Weapons, there is no ammo to be picked up for the Ravager Cannon. Once the clip size is over, the weapon is rendered useless and cannot be reloaded.


Where to Find Ravager Cannon


Ravager Cannon Notes & Tips



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