Nora Brave

Nora Brave
Rarity Uncommon
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Nora Brave is an Outfit in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Nora Brave outfit does not confer any benefits on its own and is only fitted with one modification slot. Each Outfit provides different bonuses and stats, which can help Aloy overcome different adversaries.


Nora brave's armor, stitched by Teb, accentuated by Aloy's own designs. Offers no extra protection but can be upgraded.


Nora Brave Description:

  • This outfit does not confer any benefits on its own and is only fitted with one modification slot.
  • The base of the outfit is very similar to the Outcast outfit but with more adornments and refinements, such as arm guards, a fur collar, and decorative stitching.


Where to find Nora Brave:

  • Aloy automatically obtains this outfit during the quest Mother's Heart
  • The Nora Brave outfit cannot be sold.


Nora Brave Notes and Tips

  • The Nora Brave is the standard outfit for Aloy. She is seen wearing it in the game's box art and in almost all the promotional material of the game.




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