Lure Call

Description Allows Aloy to whistle to get the attention of a single enemy.
Skill Tree Forager
Skill Cost 1skill_point_icon
Prerequisite None
Unlocks combat_override_skill_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_25pxCombat Override

Lure Call is one of the Forager Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. Lure Call requires 1 Skill Points to be unlocked. Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn are used to upgrade your character capabilities and are divided into four trees.


Lure Call Description:

  • Using Lure Call will make Aloy whistle, which attracts a single nearby enemy to walk towards her.
  • Lure Call allows Aloy to draw the attention of a single enemy at a distance of up to 60 meters in a direct line of sight without alerting any other enemy.
  • The player will be able to select and use the ability whenever a human or machine enemy is in the area.
  • The target will be the closest, most centered in Aloy's view.
  • There is no cooldown on the Lure Call skill.
  • Aloy can use Lure Call continuously as many times as necessary.
  • In Ultra Hard Mode, Lure Call should be used carefully as whistling twice within a short period of time at the same target or group of enemies will immediately alert them to Aloy's location, even if hidden in high grass.
  • Using Lure Call while any enemy is in a suspicious state will reveal Aloy's location to enemies.


How to unlock Lure Call:

  • Lure Call is part of the Forager Skill Tree.
  • Lure Call requires 1 Skill Point to be unlocked.


Lure Call Notes and Tips

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