Lessons of the Wild


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Lessons of the Wild is a Quest in Horizon: Zero Dawn


"Today Aloy will learn how to hunt machines and survive in the wild. But what she most wants to know, Rost cannot teach her."


Lessons of the Wild Objective Log

  1. Follow Rost
  2. Gather the Salvebrush Berries
  3. Eat the Berries
  4. Follow Rost
  5. Hide in the Tall Grasses
  6. Wait for the Watcher to Pass
  7. Follow Rost Past the Watchers
  8. Follow Rost
  9. Gather Rocks
  10. Follow Rost
  11. Wait for Rost
  12. Throw Rocks to Lure the Watcher to Rost
  13. Loot the Watcher carcass
  14. Gather Ridge-Wool
  15. Craft Hunter Arrows
  16. Follow Rost
  17. Listen to Rost's Instructions
  18. Scan the Strider with yout Focus
  19. Identify the Strider's Weak Points
  20. Kill a Strider
  21. Loot the Strider carcass
  22. Follow Rost
  23. Sneak to the Wounded Boy
  24. Lead the Boy to Safety



Lessons of the Wild Rewards

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Lessons of the Wild Walkthrough

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