Knock Down

Description Heavy spear attacks will knock down machines faster
Skill Tree Brave
Skill Cost 3skill_point_icon
Prerequisite precision_plus_skill_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_25pxPrecision+
Unlocks None

Knock Down is one of the Brave Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. Knock Down requires 3 Skill Points to be unlocked. Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn are used to upgrade your character capabilities and are divided into four trees.


Knock Down Description:

  • Knock Down allows Aloy to knock down machine enemies faster.
  • Knock Down permits Aloy to one-hit stun smaller to medium-sized machine enemies such as Striders and Shell-Walkers. 
  • Learning Knock Down, reduces the total number of heavy attacks needed to overthrow larger enemies..


How to unlock Knock Down:

  • Knock Down is part of the Brave Skill Tree
  • Knock Down requires 3 Skill Points to be unlocked
  • You must first acquire precision_plus_skill_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_25pxPrecision+ in order to unlock Knock Down


Knock Down Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips



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