Location Karst's House
Tribe Nora
Quests The Point of the Spear

Karst is an NPC in Horizon Zero Dawn. Karst is a member of the Nora Tribe and can be found at Karst's House. Likely because he was an outcast too, Karst was willing to trade with Aloy before The Proving, even if it is against tribal law to speak to those in exile.


Karst Information:

  • Karst was cast out from the tribe for five years after he was caught exploring metal ruins, a practice forbidden by Nora law. When he returned to his home in Mother's Heart, everyone he knew had moved on. Feeling alone, he decided to live in a home in the woods, where he used to live during his outcast years.
  • During the Eclipse's final assault on the Nora, Karst's body can be found outside his home.


Where to find Karst

  • Can be found at:
    • Karst's House


Karst related Quests


Karst Notes and Tips

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