Deathbringer Gun

Dropped By Deathbringer
Cultist Heavy
Elite Cultist Heavy

Deathbringer Gun is a Heavy Weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. Deathbringer Guns are heavy machine guns dropped by certain enemies, that can be picked up and used against them.

 Deathbringer Gun Description

  • The Deathbringer gun is a heavy machine gun fired from the hip. It shoots large-caliber bullets  at a high speed. Because of this, Aloy can run out of ammo pretty quickly.
  • It removes armor and machine components with ease.
  • It is great at medium to close range cambat. Not effective at long range combat.
  • Picking up a Deathbringer Gun slows Aloy movement speed considerably.


 Deathbringer Gun Ammo

  • As is the case with all Heavy Weapons, there is no ammo to be picked up for the Deathbringer Gun. Once the clip size is over, the weapon is rendered useless and cannot be reloaded. 


Where to Find Deathbringer Gun

  • Can be acquired from:


Deathbringer Gun Notes & Tips

  • The Deathbringer Gun is the only usable weapon from the Old World.




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