Critical Hit

Description Allows players to perform a high damage attack.
Skill Tree Brave
Skill Cost 1skill_point_icon
Prerequisite None
Unlocks critical_hit_plus_skill_horizon_zero_dawn_wiki_25pxCritical Hit+

Critical Hit is one of the Brave Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. Critical Hit requires 1 Skill Points to be unlocked. Skills in Horizon Zero Dawn are used to upgrade your character capabilities and are divided into four trees.


Critical Hit Description:

  • Critical Hit allows Aloy to perform a close-range Strike Attack on downed enemies.
  • Critical Hit can be used to deal high damage against knocked or stun enemies.
  • Critical Hit deals 200 damage points.
  • Players can perform Critical Hit on either Small or Medium Machine enemies as on normal Human enemies.
  • Critical Hit can't be used on Large Machine enemies  (except on Fireclaw).


How to unlock Critical Hit:

  • Critical Hit is part of the Brave Skill Tree
  • Critical Hit requires 1 Skill Points to be unlocked


Critical Hit Notes and Tips

  • Notes & Tips



Brave Skills
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