Bombs in Horizon Zero Dawn are what Aloy uses as ammo for Ranged Weapons during Combat. The following is a list of the different Bombs..


Arrow Name


Weapons Used In

How to Acquire

Shock Bomb Deals medium Shock damage and high Shock severity on impact.
Leaves a Shock area on ground, dealing low Shock damage and severity
Carja Sling
Shadow Sling
Fire Bomb   Shadow Sling  
Blast Bomb   Blast Sling
Carja Blast Sling
Shadow Blast Sling
Freeze Bomb Deals medium Freeze damage and high Freeze severity on impact.
Leaves pool on the ground, dealing low Freeze damage and severity.
Carja Sling
Shadow Sling
Sticky Bomb   Carja Blast Sling
Shadow Blast Sling

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