Luck of the Hunt


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Luck of the Hunt is a Quest in Horizon: Zero Dawn


"A hunter at Mother's Crown asked Aloy to assist with gathering boar skins, and to find the heirloom he lost when fleeing a Sawtooth."


Luck of the Hunt Objective Log

  1. Return to Taim
  2. 4/4 Gather 4 Boar Skins
  3. 1/1 Find Taim's Ring



Luck of the Hunt Rewards

  • +1 Generous Reward Box
  • +1670 XP



Luck of the Hunt Walkthrough

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    • Luck of the Hunt [Horizon wiki]02 Mar 2017 15:40  

      @BLAZNxPROTOTYPE, do you have a relative idea how much further progression is needed to be able to return later and complete the quest?. I have completed 6 Main story quest 3 errands and 2 side missions and am unable to complete the Taim mission. Thanks.

      • 01 Mar 2017 03:42  

        I'd like to report a bug / can't finish the quest! >.<
        I've gathered everything, but the npc Taim doesn't accept my boarskins.
        Possible reason: I needed boarskins for crafting, while the quest was still active.
        Thus, I had a tick mark on boarskins - but no boarskins left in my inventory.
        And the new ones gathered don't seem to count. :(

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